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Pastor Christina Tipton's BIO

Pastor Christina Tipton is an accomplished human trafficking specialist who has been instrumental in the recovery and redemption of survivors of human trafficking. She works closely with law enforcement and is a victim advocate for federal cases.


Christina has been a forerunner for the Genesee County Human Trafficking Task Force containing resources, counseling, funding, education, expungement, advocacy and transportation for those exiting sexual exploitation and labor trafficking.


Pastor Christina has been on the streets, in the shelters and jails, and reached into every strip club and brothel in the greater Flint area to offer real hope and safe options for anyone who is ready to move forward with getting their lives back.


She is the only State of Michigan Human Trafficking Specialist in Genesee County that holds a Peer Recovery Certificate. Christina has been instrumental in educating her community about the intersection of substance abuse and trafficking for nearly 10 years.


She has recently co-authored a publication regarding re-trafficking and recovery for Michigan State University and is a board member of the Foundation for Women and Children Enslaved in War.


A glimpse into Tipton Ministries

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