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To Set Up Your Marriage Enrichment Weekend!

Pastors Doug & Christina Tipton


Pastor Doug and Pastor Christina Tipton are sold out for the Call of the Cross. They are uncompromised and committed to seeing the lost come to Christ. Their strong marriage has been an example of how Christ loves and pursues the church. 

They both are ordained ministers from Elim Fellowship in Lima, NY. Doug is gifted in teaching and preaching; he has the heart of a Pastor. He enjoys counseling and mentoring those who have chosen to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. He has dedicated his life to the truth of God’s word. 

Christina has the heart of an Evangelist. She is relentless in seeking the lost. She has never met a stranger and finds joy in digging out promises to encourage others. Doug and Christina are visionaries, they are dynamic and influential to the body of believers. They both rely on the power of the Holy Spirit with an active prayer life that is demonstrated through the lives they live.

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